About Us

Founded in 2005, Ultimate Lifespan is a family owned and operated natural products company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Natural Remedies for Living Healthy
We’ve worked with several health and wellness providers, scientists, nutritionists, fitness trainers and  natural health experts to bring you the best natural remedies for weight loss, colon cleansing and anti-aging. All of our products – Ultimate Trim, Ultimate Digestive Health and Ultimate Ageless – are proprietary formulas using 100% natural ingredients.

Better Health, Naturally
We are not your typical ‘healthy lifestyle’ company. We do not offer or promote gimmicks or fads; We marry common sense with scientific fact to offer you healthy choices for healthy living.

We believe in our all natural weight loss, digestive health and anti-aging remedies and follow our own healthy lifestyle tips. We invite you to join us in making healthy choices.